3 Layer Fabric Mask Black

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Layer 1:  100% Polyester water repellent

Layers 2 & 3:  100% Cotton Anti-Microbial

Elastic trim to retain shape and fit

20 individually sealed masks per box

Please order in multiples of 20


Why Buy Washable Cloth Face Mask?

Effective 3-layer Filter

This 3-layer face mask will not only save you money in the long run but also guarantees effectiveness with its three layers of protection. 

The first and outer layer is made of 100% Polyester—a water repellent material made of tightly-woven fabric that is hydrophobic, repelling water on contact.

The second and third layers are made of 100% cotton, which is antimicrobial—a cotton property that keeps your mask clean, preventing bacteria's growth on the fabric's surface. Antimicrobial cotton material is also odor-resistant, making the cover suitable for long hours of wear.

How to Wash our Black Reusable Face Mask

Wash mask regularly (machine wash hot, tumble dry low).  Fabric treatment properties are retained up to 30 washes.